New Stereo - Construction
(special thanx go out to Paul for the help'n hand -not a chance I could've finished it without him)

Speakers - DLS 6.3 Iridum's (3 ways)
Subwoofer - Elemental Designs - 10''
Amplifier - DLS RA50
Head Unit - Avic-D3
Misc - Bluetooth adapter
Misc - XM Reciever

Oooh ahhh.....some parts!
Cut a pool floaty for protection
Setup my tech workstation
Step one, remove batter and stuff
Oh boy, here we go
Where'd it go
Pop go the door pannels
Slowly gutting
Test fit of rear sub/amp mounts
Test fit - shot too (looks funny now)
Drilled out rivets and pulled stockers
My bro-in-law pimp cut'n MDF rings
some junk in the trunk =)
Oooh ahhh.sweet
Here come the wires
We have a connection!
A lil eDead for dampening
umm somethings missing
Did I mention these doors SUCK
Starting to take shape
Sexy MDF rings to hold speakers
To show depth
Yes, Factory installed Duct tape???
Wire it up.....
The sweet smell of progress
Sub in its new home
Cover on the sub - amp look'n good
amp rack set