Cobb Double Adjustable Short Throw Shifter Install

(By Scans007)
1) Gather all the necessary tools: Snap Ring Pliers (right) These cost me 20 bucks at the home depot
2x - 12mm Socket wrench
Flash Light
Small Flat head screwdriver
A rag or old towel
2) Start by assembling your tools and get familiar with your settings. This is the stock shifter and surrounding setup. pretty simple.........on to the good stuff!
3) Hold the bottom leather and unscrew the shift nob (which will stay attached) until it is completly off.

4) Once the Shift know is loose, we can pop off the silver frame around the outside. We do this by placing our fingers just inside the bottom of the leather boot and pop it takes a little force but not much. Pop the Left side first then the right, then slide it down from where the radio is located!


5) Next once the whole frame is loose, you can pull it up (1st pic to the right) You will notice that it is still attached by the wire for the ashtray light. Unhook this wire by pushing the tab at the top in and pulling it out. (2nd pic on the right)
6) Here is a pic after everything has been removed. Note the Two big white circles and the staples in the rubber boot. (1st pic) We will have to remove these. Unscrew the two big white dots (by hand or with Flat head screw driver) Then just pop out the staples. Then just slide the rubber boot up and off. (2nd pic)
7) Next just pull off the next rubber layer with the foam attached to it (pic 1) Then we will be ready to go to town on the Shifter (pic 2)
8) Time to get out the 2 -12mm socket wrenches or equivilent of to remove the bolt holding the shifter in place. Put one on each side of the shifter and take the bolt out.
9) Once loose, the real fun will begin. The next few steps take a LOT of patince and grit to stick with it. Oh and you can't pop it out without releasing the snap ring with the 05...SO DON'T TRY

10) Look at this picture closely.(read all first before you attempt) Look at the base of the shifter where the ball is. Right to the right of it there are 2 little circles. This is where the head of the Snap Ring pliers (SRP) will go. Line everything up moving the shifter and rod out of the way the best you can. Also have your towel handy, your hands will get messy. Once the SRP are in the holes squeeze them together while pressing down. Force the ring inward until you can see the ring start to pop out. Put the Flathead Screwdriver behind it and force it around the backside of the circle until it pops out. This is the hardest part of the whole install by far, take your time and be patient =)

*Note, I could adjust the length of the needels of the SRP, and made them longer MUCH EASIER!

11) Ahhh I know you were about to loose you can see the screwdriver is under the ring..and can be popped out. Now the shifter will just come out.
12) Here's a side by side of the COBB and the Stock Shifter... Notice I have already moved the white "basket" from the stock (silver) to the Cobb (black). and note, above the basket, the Snap Ring is already around the shaft...(hard to see ) So make sure you do that.
13) Now we need to pop out the rubber/plastic holder for the bolt from the stock shifter. Hold the shifter, Push the metal interior out, then stick the screwdriver into the hole and pry it outward. They will just come out with a little effort. We are almost done...getting excited yet.....
14) Unforunaltey my camera's battery died at this point...but the rest is reconstruction and REAL easy. So let's up it all back together now. 15)Take the two rubber/plastic pieces and push them in the Cobb shifter, then slide the metal interior back down the middle. We are now ready to put everything back together
16) Pop the Cobb shifter down into the hole, back to the fun of the Snap ring, grab the SRP put them in the holes of the ring, squeeze them shut and get it just inside the frame ring. Now take the flat head and just push it down until it all gets into it's track. 17) Line up the shiter with the bracket, put the bolt and wing nut back on and tighten them up with the 12mm socket wrenches. Once tight....on to the next
18) Put the rubber with the foam on it back down and in place, place the rubber boot over the top of it. Then screw back in the two white large screws we removed in step 6.

19) Now just put the plastic exterior back on and you are ready to drive away.

*NOTE - with the cobb double adjustable you can set the levels where you want so take a guess to start with the lower one when installing. The upper one is easy to adjust =)

Hope this helps some out..... Special thanx to 'liquidiq' for help'n out with figuring out the Snap ring.......grrr that thing sux...