Installed the WRX Pedals, they look SO much better then the stockers....
InProcess Stock Gas pedal removed (2 12mm nutz, and unplug the cable
Stock Break petal off The bolt I used to replace the stupid pin, fit perfect
Installed angle 1 Installed angle 2


1) Spray wd40 all over the back of the new pedal...wipe excess off
2) put the Bottom of the pedal on sliding it up from the bottom unil it gets up as far as possible, make sure the sides are over the back of the metal of the pedal.
3) Put on a shoe (I did it barefoot, ouch ) Sit in the drivers seat.....
4) Do the break first as it's easier and you can get a feel, push it in as far as possible with all the pressure on the bottom of the pedal, now slowly and push hard in/up slowly wiggling your foot back and forth upwards. Do it more then you think......
5) Get back on the floor check it out, take a screwdriver and pop out any that's stuff folded under......

6) Do the same to the's harder cuz it goes further to the floor, but once you get it in far you can move your foot more cuz it's behind the pastic shield.....

Now for the Gas pedal
1) Sprayed the pin that goes through with PB Blaster (after the wd40 trick) let it set for about 5 mins or so
2) Got a 2x4 proped the pedal on it, tuned a set of pliers on it's side, put it flush with the pin, wailed it with a rubber hammer until it was flush......
3) Bent the plastic of the back pedal (and pried with screw driver) and it popped off with a lil force
4) Then Laid the gas rod on the floor with the hooked end on the 2x4 Used the same method in step 2 to get it flush then put a small philips sized screw driver (same size as the pin) in the whole whaled away and it popped right out
5) I had 2 Screws and nutz that are ABSOLUTLEY PERFECT for this, slid it through, tightend it down
6) Put the 2 12mm nutz back on, plugged it back in.....Done



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