H7 HID kit install



1) We need to Disable the DRL’s, if you don’t your HIDS will be on all the time and burn out much much quicker

Thanx go out to Deerkiller for these DRL disable instructions

This walkthrough shows you exactly where everything is, and also how to remove fasteners and parts without breaking anything.

Green arrows, DRL module
Red arrows, panel attachments

1. Lower the panel above the pedals

  1. There are three plastic attachments for the lower panel. For the two in each side, turn counterclockwise 90 degrees, and the screw head part will pop out, now you can grab it by hand and pull it out completey.
  2. The middle attachment you must use firm pressure on to pull it out.

2. You will see the DRL module on the firewall (Back top left from the clutch) with a white and black connector. If you can read the green sticker on the top it will say "DRL" on it.
3. Pull the white connector out only, secure it so it does not rattle, perhaps with a zip-tie as shown
4. Put the panel back.

  1. Just push the middle attachment back in
  2. With the "screw head" part of the black attachments extended, push it into the two holes on the sides. Then push the screw head in to lock it into place.

4. Turn the car on, make sure the DRL’s aren’t on……….now to the good stuff..



1) Open your kit make yourself familiar with what’s included in the kit. 


NOTE: NEVER touch the H7 bulb with your hands.


1a) Now gather the needed tools for this install

a)     Philips Screw Driver

b)     Drill

c)     ¾ borring  bit (pic in step)

d)     Electrical Tape

e)     Silicon II (Recommended but not needed)

f)      Zip ties (longer then the ones provided)

2)     Open the hood , Disconnect the battery as you should with any electrical mod.

a.      locate the driver side front light cap…..it will be a gray-ish color. The passengers side you will not be able to see. It is under the air intake. We’ll get to that =)

3) It’s time – Grab the Philips head screw driver.  On the left side of the engine Bay you will see the Air intake sleeve, you can see that the two screws are popped up just a lil bit…to get them out, turn 90%, pull out with your fingers (Pic on the left).  Then just pull it up and out it will look like the picture to the right.  Now both Lights will be exposed and ready to work on.

4) Then next thing I did, just to make the install easier, was to move the washer fluid tube. Same deal as before, turn the screw 90% pop it off….(pic on left) Tucked it under the tube to get it out of the way. (pic 2) The tube has a bendable part, just like a straw, so no worries =)

5)     We will need to drill the hole into the back to fit the Ballast wires through.  So  Pop off both of the light caps twisting in the way it shows on them

a.     Get the drill, insert bit.  I found the best way to drill this is on the carpet. Put the hollow end onto the ground, center the bit, and drill away.

b.     After I drilled I took a razor and cleaned up the edges, that’s your choice.

c.     Do the 2nd cap for the lights…

6)     Now it’s time to get to the lights, we need to remove the current bulbs that are in there.

a.     Unplug the stock lights from the black connector (see pic) that’s on the back of them. Just give it a pull and wiggle and it will slide on off. Right pic is unplugged.

b.     Next push the metal thin wire down and just take the bulb out

c.     Pic 3 shows the clip off and the light coming out with the connect on (I found it easier to take the connector off first, you can take it off before or after it doesn’t really matter)

7)     Now for the tough stuff, on the driver side light (more space on this side so it’s good to do it first to get the process down)  You will notice the red and black wire coming out of the housing, on the inside it has a white mesh around it…follow the white mesh down with your fingers and pop it out the back…

a.     What you are popping out is the back rubber you see in the top of the pic, just push it out with your finger with a lil force.

b.     Next take the Ballast set up, and you need to snake the Black and white wires with the metal ends up through the hole where we popped out the rubber grommet. 

c.     Once through plug them into the black harness we pulled off the stock light.  Black on the black wires side, and white in the white wire side.  I electrical taped these in place very well. 

d.     Tuck them back into the house and pop back the rubber grommet back in the hole.  Note: the wire for the ballast will be to the side of the grommet but still will secure and pop it (as long as it is not the thick back part and is just the two wires (black/white)

8)     Now we can we can open the H7 Hid bulbs….DO NOT TOUCH BULD WITH HANDS

a.     Slide it in the stock lights spot and clip the metal clip over it to secure it. (Notice that the rubber coming out of it with the thick black wire –low right of pic – that’s the hid bulb)

b.     Next we need to feed those thick black wires with the connectors for the Ballast through the hole we drilled on the cap.  Feed them through, twist the cap on and get the dust cap in the right location.  Bottom pic shows it on.

c.     Connect the connectors on the end of the wires to the ballast side of the kit.  Your hid will now work if everything is installed correctly..test it if you’d like =)

9)     Find a place to mount the ballast and hide wires

a.     This is all preference; you can put them anywhere, just secure them and tuck the wires away.

b.     I put my passengers side right under the light fit perfectly, tucked away and invisible.  Drives side was much harder.  It’s the pic to the right.  If you look straight down in the middle you can see the silver box.  It’s taped to the coolant tank and zip tied there. The wires I ran back in front of the windshield washer fluid tank.

10)  Do the passengers side light with the steps above



11)  One extra step I took and you should to is around the hole in the cap, I put silicon sealant. Its secures that no moisture will get into the headlight lamp.  Follow it’s directions on how to apply. Sorry didn’t take a pic after it dried.


12)  Put the Windshield washer neck back in place and pop the screw back in.


13)  Put the air box neck back in place and pop the 2 screws back in


Drive away and enjoy your new lights…….Feel free to PM me or email me at scans007@gmail.com